Lucy Mbabazi

Head of Africa Advocacy and Partnerships, Better Than Cash Alliance

Lucy Nshuti Mbabazi is one of the most avid and committed champions of the LéO Africa Institute and Chair of the Board of Directors –Emeritus.

Lucy serves as the Head of Africa Advocacy and Partnerships of Better Than Cash Alliance, a UN-hosted partnership of governments, companies, and international organisations that accelerates the transition from cash to digital payments to reduce poverty and drive inclusive growth.


15:50 - 17:00

Friday November 25 (Virtual)

Africa in the World – Why the Conversation Matters

Conversation with Africans in the Diaspora on the significance of keeping sight of the Africa interest, reconnecting with the continent and how progressive networks like CEED and LéO Africa can facilitate the exchange.


Conversation Panel:
Lucy Mbabazi, Board Chair – Emeritus, LéO Africa Institute
Samita Mandjee, Executive Director, CEED Concordia, Canada
Majaliwa Richard Byendimbwa, Member of the Board of Directors CEED Concordia, Canada
Mohamed Okash Sugow, Head of Innovations, SIMAD iLab, Valedictorian YELP Fellow Class of 2019, Somalia


Hosted by Ivan Kyambadde, Faculty Member, LéO Africa Institute, United Kingdom


*Hosted in partnership with CEED Concordia ( 7:50 AM - 9:00 AM Montreal, Canada Time)