What is the Annual Leaders Gathering?

Starting in 2020, the Annual Leaders Gathering takes place every November and has gained reputation as an essential platform for significant conversations on ideas and issues impacting society – making it the signature public convening for the LéO Africa Institute’s growing networks.

Fellows of the Institute, emerging leaders in the public and private sector, as well as the Institute’s extended network across Africa convene to reflect on the challenges facing society today and how different networks of innovators, entrepreneurs and decision makers can come together to address them within the African context.

What to expect from


Celebrate Unity, Resilience, and Cultural Diversity

through shared experiences honoring the resilience of African communities and promoting cultural diversity as a strength.


with thought leaders, innovators, creatives, and key decision makers driving change in Africa and the diaspora

Climate Action and Environmental Stewardship

by encouraging leaders to commit to sustainable practices and policies that promote a green and resilient future.

Knowledge Sharing

through share insights, best practices, and innovative ideas on key issues facing Africa, including identity, climate change, youth migration, and cultural narratives.


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