Catherinerose Barretto

Human Capital, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Gender Consultant

Catherinerose Barretto is in pursuit of creating a future that is equitable, where the the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion are understood and practiced. She is invested in building inclusive ecosystems and creating a workforce with skills that are in demand.

Catherinerose is a Board Member at the LéO Africa Institute and has extensive experience working in talent acquisition and skills development in Eastern and Southern Africa; and supporting African start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs to develop solutions and build sustainable ventures.

She is a Fellow of the African Leadership EA Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network; Board member of the Alliance Francaise de Dar es Salaam; Steering Committee member for the Skills For Employment Tanzania Project, Board member of the African Leadership Initiative EA, and Founding Curator of the Dar es Salaam Global Shapers Hub.


15:00 - 16:30

Friday November 17 (Virtual)

Welcome to the 2023 ALG - Perfecting the Union of our Community in the Next Decade

The session will provide the opportunity for all ALG2023 attendees to connect, engage, and strengthen their professional networks. It will provide a relaxed and social atmosphere for leaders from various sectors to forge new collaborations, exchange ideas, and build lasting partnerships.


Hosted by William Babigumira, Head of Faculty, LéO Africa Institute



  • Ms. Lucy Nshuti Mbabazi, Head of Africa Advocacy and Partnerships, Better Than Cash Alliance & Board Chair Emeritus, LéO Africa Institute
  • Fatma Kauga, Founder & Executive Director, Doyenne Organization & YELP Class of 2019 Fellow
  • Wanjuhi Njoroge, Founder & President, Nelig Group of Companies & YELP Class of 2018 Fellow
  • Catherinerose Barreto, Human Capital, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Gender Consultant & Board member, LéO Africa Institute