Catherinerose Barretto

Human Capital, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Gender Consultant

Catherinerose Barretto is in pursuit of creating a future that is equitable, where the the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion are understood and practiced. She is invested in building inclusive ecosystems and creating a workforce with skills that are in demand.

Catherinerose is a Board Member at the LéO Africa Institute and has extensive experience working in talent acquisition and skills development in Eastern and Southern Africa; and supporting African start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs to develop solutions and build sustainable ventures.

She is a Fellow of the African Leadership EA Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network; Board member of the Alliance Francaise de Dar es Salaam; Steering Committee member for the Skills For Employment Tanzania Project, Board member of the African Leadership Initiative EA, and Founding Curator of the Dar es Salaam Global Shapers Hub.