Leila Ali

Chief Operating Officer, Infotech Investment Group (IIG)

Leila Ali is the Chief Operating Officer of Infotech Investment Group (IIG), and Founder of LAM &Co, a cosmetic manufacturing company.

Leila is 2023 YELP Fellow of the LéO Africa Institute
with an academic background in Political Science and History, coupled with her experience in property management, tech, and marketing she has leveraged her expertise to better shape her family’s business to boost performance, but most importantly, to tailor business objectives that meet the bottom line while also having a positive impact on the community socioeconomically.

LAM & Co. is a company that’s very close to her heart, a dream she’s had since her days at the University of Toronto. A company dedicated to realigning how Tanzanians view skin and beauty, but moreover how they think about themselves on the spectrum of what is considered beauty. “Makeda” being the first product line under the brand is focused on sustainability, ethical sourcing, and producing highly efficient formulations that deliver desired results without damage to the skin.

It is a business where she strives to recruit and train women in the hopes of bridging the gap by providing them with the tools to be independent and financially literate in order for them to succeed.