Dr. Martin Balaba

Founder - Rainforest Coffee

Medical doctor and health innovation enthusiast with unwavering passion and enthusiasm for delivering leading, innovative healthcare solutions; digital health and mobile technology specialist with six years’ experience in designing and leveraging these platforms to build feasible solutions that address barriers to accessing equitable and inclusive health care.

Martin Outstanding record in leading substantial medical, product, regulatory, and stakeholder elements of large-scale projects.

Currently, he is working on projects to explore opportunities for emerging technologies in bridging the gap in healthcare service delivery and systems strengthening, to realise universal health coverage. Martin is passionate about servant leadership and the critical role it plays in personal and community transformation.

Martin is a seasoned entrepreneur in the agro and health-tech space. He co-founded RAINFOREST COFFEE UGANDA and has successfully ‘failed’ with two of his earlier health-tech companies; the experience of which has built his capacity and critical understanding of healthcare, upon which to establish the phoenix of his earlier ideas (soon to come).

Martin is an alumnus of the YELP 2017 and a Global Shaper with the Kampala Hub.