Memo Some

Climate Change Advocate

Memo Some is a student at the African Leadership University Mauritius pursuing her undergraduate mission in wildlife conservation and a 2023 YELP Fellow of the LéO Africa Institute.

Quite passionate about wildlife and sustainability, she founded an initiative known as WildNow Foundation at the age of 18; after discovering that the most significant part of the population in Kenya, the youth, have not been nurtured into wildlife conservation issues, Memo was inspired to take action.

WildNow Foundation aims to bridge the gap between existing and future policymakers, as well as grassroots conservationists, to help better implement sustainable solutions for wildlife protection and formulate better policy in the long term.

Memo also works closely with IdeasForUs Global in combating the climate crisis and building awareness on the matter amongst youth across Africa. She’s also a member of the Commonwealth Women Kenya advocating for the representation of women and youth in the conservation field.

She has been featured in one of the most extensive elephant campaigns currently in Kenya and Africa (RIP OFF Campaign) and is recognized for being one of the youngest people in Kenya to successfully petition in parliament against the construction set to destroy the Nairobi National Park ecosystem. Further, in 2021, she was featured at the Kampala Geopolitics Conference for her mitigating and adaptation strategies to climate change.

In 2019, BBC News covered a story on her wildlife conservation venture and her motivation to empower and provide a platform for youth to become more involved. She has been featured in many local stations as an influential youth leader in Kenya. She also gave a speech at the UN on the importance of youth incorporation in conservation, and a Ted Talk on the coming of dystopia (consequences of not conserving the environment).

From the age of 16, she has been working closely with Kenya Wildlife Services building her skills and knowledge about different wildlife species. As Memo continues to pursue her degree and build her foundation, she hopes to increase her social and environmental impact to other African countries.