MF Semuju

Filmmaker and Creative Director

MF Semuju is a filmmaker and creative director specializing in writing and documentaries. He studied film and TV production at the Mohammed Amin Film Foundation in Nairobi.

Currently, MF Semuju leads a dynamic team at Vodo Art Lab and Society, who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of art and showcasing its potential for practical impact. He is on a mission to have Africans, particularly Ugandans, recognize the arts as a serious and influential profession.

In his free time, you can often find him taking moments to chill, with a priority on mental well-being, a cause that's close to his heart. MF Semuju is also deeply committed to finding ways in which various professions can collaborate with creatives to drive social development. He believes that by harnessing the power of creativity, we can make a positive difference in our world.